Alzheimer's Certification

In the summer of 2008, the OSF Illinois Neurological Institute at OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center earned designation as the "Alzheimer's Disease Primary Provider Site," the first hospital in Rockford to achieve this designation.

With the designation, OSF Saint Anthony introduced the Memory Disorders Center, becoming the central hub for assessment, education and resources for patients with memory disorders and their families.

The OSF Memory Disorders Center provides assessments for memory disorders and for physical problems that affect memory; works with patient's primary care provider for diagnostic tests or medications; and helps patients and families find community resources to assist them, such as day care, home health, and financial assistance.

When should you be concerned about "normal" forgetfulness versus memory impairment that might signal a serious problem? A few signs:

  • Trouble completing routine tasks, such as brushing teeth or showering
  • Difficulty with communication -- not just forgetting a word or name occassionally but inability to understand what is being said or what is written on a page
  • Becoming disoriented or lost, even in familiar places or a few blocks from home
  • Exercising poor judgment, such as wearing summer clothes in winter or putting shoes in the oven

For more information, contact your physician or call the Illinois Neurological Institute at (815) 387-1717